juillet 11, 2023

XSun's SX1 flying over Australia

In June 2023, XSun deployed the SX1 on to a large scale South Australian outback image capture project, in collaboration with remote sensing and analytics company AirborneLogic.

The client sought to capture high definition RGB imagery of its remote pastoral property. This was in support of an application for Australian Carbon Credit Units under a project within the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund.

To ensure the remote operations were conducted safely and according to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements in Australia, XSun worked locally in Australia with company HoverUAV to address mandatory Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) aspects of the flight.

This field operation demonstrated that the XSun SX1 platform has tremendous potential for remote deployment and is equipped with the latest in camera technology (PhaseOne medium format camera with100MP sensor RGB and 4 band), demonstrating the capability of flying long distances and covering large areas under autonomous flight conditions powered by solar energy.

A subsequent image output of 4 cm ground spatial resolution was provided to the client at a fraction of the cost of other acquisition techniques for the same data quality. A further benefit of this technology has been the ability to use machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to automate the measurement of tree canopy accurately and transparently, better baseline vegetation condition, and monitor management practices on the property.

It is yet another demonstration of XSun's SX1's remarkable capability to operate safely and autonomously in remote areas with cost-effective benefit to its users. In addition to allowing for better understanding of how our environment is changing, this technology can also provide helpful data for better decision-making. In addition, it can save both time and money while at the same time improving safety.

XSun and AirborneLogic will continue to partner and offer this unique, game changing technology, a long range solar electric powered autonomous UAV that can be equipped with a range of different payloads for the Australian market.


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