mars 1, 2018

XSun partners with Sierra Wireless for Device-to-Cloud IoT solution

XSun selects Sierra Wireless’ device-to-cloud IoT solution for solar-powered autonomous drone

SolarXOne Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed for long-endurance flights to collect real-time data and efficiently monitor agriculture, maritime, land and industrial infrastructure

Sierra Wireless and XSun demonstrate drone flight simulation at Mobile World Congress 2018, GSMA Innovation City, Hall 4, stand #4A30

Barcelona, Spain – Feb. 28, 2018 – Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW), the leading provider of fully integrated end-to-end solutions forInternet of Things (IoT) applications, today announced that XSun has selected Sierra Wireless’ device-to-cloud IoT solution, including AirLink® RV50 gateway, multi-operator smart connectivity services and AirVantage® IoT platform, for its solar-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). XSun’s SolarXOne is designed to be autonomous in energy and flight control to enable long-endurance flights for agriculture, maritime, land and industrial infrastructure surveillance.

XSun, a startup based in France, architected the 4.5m-wide SolarXOne with a wide surface of solar panels and a large variety of sensors, giving it the ability to fly autonomously for days, covering long distances while collecting data. Supported by distributor Sphinx Connect France, XSun chose Sierra Wireless’ device-to-cloud solution to enable reliable connectivity and real-time data transmission, which allows its customers to see exactly what’s happening on their sites at any time, so they can intervene quickly, even immediately, in the event of an emergency. The Sierra Wireless solution also enables XSun to measure data consumption and manage its entire fleet lifecycle from its control center.

“Our mission is to create a UAV with the maximum level of autonomy to release the full potential of drones,” said Benjamin David, CEO and Founder of XSun. “Sierra Wireless provided us with a complete solution to cover all aspects of communication and monitoring, including multi-operator coverage to ensure a continuous connection between the drone and XSun’s control center. This allows us to focus on bringing a drone to market that can secure critical infrastructure, protect the environment and save lives.”

Critical infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines, railways, and electrical grids, must be monitored on a regular basis. Today, this is often done by a piloted helicopter, which has a very high cost and limited range. The SolarXOne is a much more cost-effective, energy-efficient and safer option, plus the drone can fly at a lower altitude, providing higher resolution data. It can be reliably operated from hundreds of kilometers away, flying for days instead of hours, making it ideal for surveilling large areas for applications such as commercial farming, search and rescue, and monitoring for forest fires.

“Integrating IoT technology into the SolarXOne allows XSun to create new business opportunities for its customers,” said Marc Overton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IoT Services, Sierra Wireless. “With real-time intelligence, XSun customers can automate operations, increase responsiveness and lower their costs to survey and maintain critical infrastructure.”

Mobile World Congress Demonstration

Sierra Wireless and XSun will showcase a flight simulation of the SolarXOne monitoring a pipeline between France and Spain at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, Feb, 26 – Mar. 1. Visitors to stand #4A30 in the GSMA Innovation City, Hall 4, will experience XSun’s Control Center application and see all the drone data reliably transmitted through Sierra Wireless’ AirLink RV50 gateway and multi-operator smart connectivity services. Sierra Wireless’ AirVantage® IoT platform is used to measure data consumption and manage the drone fleet lifecycle.

To contact the Sierra Wireless Sales Desk, call +1 877-687-7795 or visit http://www.sierrawireless.com/sales.

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